Former WP NCMP: I Lost Trust In The Party Because Of Raeesah Khan But She Must Not Resign

Former Workers’ Party NCMP Daniel Goh said that the Raeesah Khan incident has affected him very badly. It’s not just about her lies but having her tear apart the party’s credibility and not wanting to do good for Singapore.

“It has shaken my trust in the party, to which I gave almost ten good years to help build up, and to which I still belong as a cadre member. I can’t believe that a WP MP blatantly lied multiple times in Parliament.”

However, he doesn’t think that she should resign as it’s not the way to take responsibility. She should take responsibility by staying in WP and continue to serve residents quietly, without publicising on social media and bringing attention to herself.

“Asking her to resign because she is a liability to WP, will cause WP to lose elections… We can do better as a public and a society demanding accountability from our political leaders. It is not about the votes.”

He believes that Raeesah Khan still has a “great opportunity to prove it is possible”.

“Sad and disappointed do not convey how I feel, more like grieving. I pray something good for WP and for our country comes out of this event.”

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