PAP Minister: Our Savings Are Running Low. Money Must Come From Somewhere

Next time, we’ll have to pay GST for low-value imported goods that are worth $400 or less. PAP’s Indranee Rajah said that this is to help local businesses as more Singaporeans shop online.

On top of this, the government will impose a GST hike from 7% to 9% in the next few years.

WP MP Louis Chua asked if this is too much of an “unnecessary burden” on Singaporeans. However, Indranee Rajah replied that it has to be done as we are already digging into our savings. With Covid-19, things are worst as our expenses are higher and we used up whatever extra budget we saved over the last 10 years.

“Money has to come from somewhere”, said the highly paid minister.

Of course, PAP thinks that it must come from our pockets. Remember the chicken wing they gave us? Now they’re taking the whole chicken back again. So convenient that they can keep taking money from us when we don’t even get to earn more.

Charge Singaporeans for everything! Hike everything! It’s a neverending cycle of Pay and Pay. As long as we put them in power, we will never be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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