Goh Meng Seng: I’ll Leave Singapore. It’s Declining Under PAP And A Weak Opposition

Opposition politician Goh Meng Seng announced that he will be leaving Singapore. He is worried that the PAP will target him like how they targeted other activists and opposition members. He said that they are quick to shut down people down now because they are insecure of their failures in handling Covid-19.

After spending 20 years in politics, he realised that Singaporeans will only accept an opposition like WP as it is “PAP-lite”:

Token opposition to make meek noises in Parliament is all they need.

He thinks that we only want an opposition to make noise, not take over the PAP. He is disappointed that there is no place for real opposition like him and wants to leave before the PAP goes after him.

The more threat PAP faced from this tiny virus, the more anxious they are in tightening their grip on power by destroying all adversaries from individual dissidents, activists, alternative social media and eventually, the opposition politicians…

Although I have made progress in upping my own political profile during this period of time but it will be just a matter of time before they will turn their guns against me…

Thus, I do not think there is any meaningful reasons for me to continue in opposition politics unless I am prepared to sacrifice my political principles and vision, just play along as court jester by being just a meek voice in Parliament…

I can only see decline in Singapore as the system failed to produce the vibrant environment necessary for real good leaders to nurture.

Who cares if he’s not vaccinated, there will surely be a place for him outside of Singapore. “The world is my oyster. I shall no longer restrict myself to this tiny Red Dot anymore.”

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