Singapore Ranked Lower Than Africa & Pakistan for Covid Resilience. Thanks MTF!

For a former number 1, Singapore dropped to the lowest spot ever in Bloomberg’s Covid resilience ranking. We took front spots for half a year but recently dropped to #39.

We now have the worst of both worlds. We cannot open up travels quickly and also cannot ease restrictions internally. This is even though we have one of the world’s highest vaccination rates!

The biggest problem is the strain on our healthcare system. The MTF claimed that they were prepared as there were enough ICU beds, but look what’s happening now? We only have 60 ICU beds left and our medical front liners are overwhelmed!

Just yesterday, we saw a record 5324 new cases. What exactly is the government doing to keep it under control? How dare they think they are doing a good job? At this rate, the whole population will be infected and all we see are excuses like: it’s an “unusual surge”, it’s more important to look at severe cases and not the total number, etc.

We are SICK of the MTF’s incompetence, excuses and arrogance. We are tired of living like this for so long. The MTF cannot just MONITOR. It has to give us answers!

They told us that we are approaching the light at the end of the tunnel but all we see is darkness.

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