Singapore Hits 5000 Cases, MTF Strategy Fails But They Are Not Changing Anything

Yesterday we reported 5324 cases and 10 deaths. MOH say they are looking into this “unusual surge”.

“MOH is looking into this unusual surge in cases within a relatively short window, and closely monitoring the trends for the next few days.”

How is this unusual? Didn’t they expect more than 5000 cases? In fact, they even say until they are getting ready for 10k cases. If they are not trying to keep the cases down, then this surge should not be unusual to them. Now when we actually hit 5k they say that the surge is unusual. Flip-flop again!

Obviously if they are trying to keep the cases down their strategy is not working. Yet they are still continuing with it, their strategy of restricting Singaporeans but opening up to everyone else.

This “middle of the road” strategy is rubbish.

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