Safe Entry Crew: Today I Dealt With So Many Guailan People!

SafeEntry officers are just doing their job! Yet some Singaporeans can always find the reason to be rude to them, from getting impatient when the machine lags to slamming their phones into the officers’ faces. u/melvinchen-2000 shared about his worst day as a SafeEntry officer in a post on Reddit. This is what happened.

“From getting a phone nearly slam into my face (the uncle shove his phone right at my eyes), to getting lots of ‘tsk’ and sighing from people and hurling vulgar words at me (like?? I am only asking simple things?? Why feel so attacked).”

There was a young boy who decided to touch the stickers at his desk. He then ruin them and “was so smug about it to his friend”.

An uncle who was too impatient just hurried past while he was still getting his token scanned. Then after a few minutes, he came back and take the sticker without asking.

“Obviously, I was still mad about earlier phone incident, plus with this entitled uncle taking the sticker and telling me he is going to the toilet, I decided to just roll my eyes at him. And he just started to cuss in dialect while pointing at me.”

Another young boy decided to mess around the exit entry phone.

For some reasons, Singaporeans can’t queue properly when it comes to SafeEntry, and they must fight with each other to get their tokens scanned first.

“They also keep saying how they have been checked at the entrance of the mall and why do they need to check at the entrance of the food court again.”

These rules aren’t even set by these SafeEntry officers, if you want to be angry about it go complain to the decision makers, not bully the officers!

“Help la. Can people be nicer to strangers anot. Walk until so much to foodcourt, just use handphone/token scan and show status la, I am just a worker leh. I also don”t want to see but it is my nature of the job..”

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