Gan Kim Yong: Bloomberg Delegates Can Dine Together But Risky If We Do The Same

Foreign delegates are coming to Singapore for a Bloomberg economy forum and they will be able to dine in groups of 5. Meanwhile, our own citizens cannot eat together with our household members!

MTF co-chair Gan Kim Yong explained that the Bloomberg delegates are important people who need to network with each other and discuss issues that impact our position as a business hub. He said that they have limited time in Singapore so they “need to make use of every moment that’s available” to meet as many people as they can.

He said that we cannot apply the same dine-in rule to all of us as these are different scenarios with different “scale of risks”.

“If we were to open up for the general public… That is more than five million people… Those who are affected may bring the virus home, and there may be seniors at home that will be exposed.”

When asked if we can do pre-event testing like delegates before allowing 5 pax to dine in, Gan Kim Yong did not think that it is a good idea.

So what? Allowing foreign delegates to dine in will boost our economy but letting us dine in with our families will not support the economy? What logic is this? Again, foreigners get all the concessions while Singaporeans have to listen to the PAP’s excuses and be stuck in their stupid rules. WTF MTF!

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