Foreigner: Not Fair For Companies To Hire Singaporeans Over Me

A foreigner who declares that he is “a foreigner married to another foreigner and have been residing in Singapore since November last year” wrote an ST Forum letter to complain that the hiring methods are unfair here. He says that he is not given a fair chance.

“I feel that the recommendations by the National Trades Union Congress and Singapore National Employers Federation seem to discriminate against foreign workers, especially those who are living in Singapore long-term.”

He claims that foreign students and foreign dependents whose foreign spouses are working in Singapore are “often rejected by employers despite their competitive qualifications”.

What a bold claim! If their qualifications are truly that competitive why are they losing out, especially to the people coming in via CECA who come in easily with fake qualifications? If he is really as qualified as others like he says he is, employers should have no hesitation helping him to apply for work pass. If his qualifications are merely equal to a local’s of course they will choose the local.

Also he come here less than a year (since November last year) how dare he claim that he has been staying here long term? The rules are in place so that people don’t just flock here expecting us to hand them jobs. They have to prove that they are worth it!

These foreigners need to stop thinking that they deserve special privileges!

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