Netizen Falls Prey To Online Sex Scam – Woman Turned Out To Be A Man

One netizen fell into an online sex scam when he matched with a “woman” on a dating app where “she” allegedly said she was looking for a BDSM sub to dominate.

“I was kinda excited because it was exactly the stuff I was into, so after talking and moving to line to continue talking she apparently coerced me into downloading an app.”

According to his Reddit post, the app asked for additional permissions on his phone, but he ignored the warnings and proceeded with the download. She then asked him to do a “test” via a video call where she asked him to do compromising stuff on camera, while she had her own camera turned off and mic muted.

“She said it was a sort of test that if I passed she would meet me. I did all of it and then moments later she sent me pictures of my contacts and their numbers along with the compromising videos.”

Only then did the netizen realize that it is a scam.

“She turned out to be a guy and is basically threatening me to pay up so that he would delete the videos or else he would send it to my whole contact list.

I do not have any money at all to pay up and I’m seriously at a loss right now. I can’t tell my parents nor my friends and I have no money to pay the fee to delete the videos.

My current plan is to just not pay and hope for the best.”

In response, most Redditors told him not to pay up, because “he would just ask for more”. They also suggested reporting to the police for extortion.

Others shared their own stories.

Be careful of all these online scammers!

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