Netizen: We Are Angry Because There Doesn’t Seem To Be An Exit

On 20 Oct, they announced that the “stabilization phase” situated to end on 24 Oct has been extended to 21 Nov.

“We have explained earlier that we can relax the restrictions only if the pressure eases off on the healthcare system”
– Minister Lawrence Wong.

This is after they said that they are preparing the healthcare system for >10k daily cases. What happened to that?

Netizens on Reddit have expressed their dissatisfaction with the way the taskforce has been handling the situation. The way they decided to extend this “stabilization phase” when it obviously hasn’t worked for the past month. Moreover, they are still letting the travel lanes to continue, even when other countries are already warning their people about us!

Moreover, the government kept pushing for everyone to get vaccinated saying that things will go back to normal aka “endemic” if more people get vaccinated. Yet now our restrictions are one of the tightest for locals.

The MTF really needs to get their shit together! They need to decide whether this is a pandemic or an endemic, and they must stop with their half-hearted measures!

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