Calvin Cheng: About 15% Of Unvaccinated Seniors Will Die, But It’s Their Choice

Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng was insensitive towards those who lost their lives to Covid-19. Yesterday, Singapore saw 3862 new infections and 18 deaths. All he could say was this:

“[The] number of deaths will only drop when a large number of unvaccinated have passed away + vaccinated people with various illnesses who would pass away from pneumonia in any given year.

Unfortunately COVID is a tragedy of our times, and every country will have to face this. Those with high vaccination rates would have a lower death toll, but it won’t be zero.”

Netizens were angered by his insensitive comment as it was a rude thing to say to people who lost their family members to Covid-19.

In a recent post, Calvin Cheng blamed senior citizens who are stubborn and do not want to get vaccinated. He said that our healthcare, businesses and country as a whole is “being held hostage” by them because they refuse vaccination.

“It will take a while for the virus to run through the unvaccinated senior population.

About 15% of them will die.

This is tragic, but it was their choice.”

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