MOH Blames Latest Increase in COVID Cases on “Post-Weekend Surge”

Yesterday (19 Oct) there were 3994 COVID cases in Singapore and 7 deaths. This includes 3480 new cases in the community, 501 in migrant worker dormitories and 13 imported cases. This is despite going through more than 3 weeks of the latest restrictions.

MOH said that this is a “usual post-weekend surge” in cases.

A healthcare overload is getting unavoidable at this stage. We’re one of the highest vaccinated countries while at the same time having quite a high level of restrictions. Yet, even with these the hospitals and ICU are still getting dangerously crowded.

If they are trying to stall for time to build more hospitals/ICU beds, why did they only wait until now to do so? We almost have had 2 years of the pandemic already.

They say that they will reopen when our vaccination levels are high, saying that the unvaccinated puts a strain on the healthcare system. Yet, they can’t even really blame the unvaccinated anymore because the unvaccinated are not the ones hanging out in large crowds at the malls, nor are they the ones eating out with their masks down.

So now they blame the weekend.

MOH should do something about this instead of finding excuses and sitting back to “wait and see what happens” and coming up with all the fancy phrases telling us that there is a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Their methods have only been a huge contradiction so far. For example, they allow people from overseas to come in quarantine-free. This is an agreement countries who have already removed their mask mandate and countries that allow big events to happen. Yet back in Singapore we can only gather in groups of 2.

If they want it to be an endemic, remove the restrictions and let COVID take its course. If they want to reduce the infection rate, have a full lockdown.

The MTF need to stop with their half-hearted measures which frankly brings us nowhere when dealing with the latest spread. They must stop blaming Singaporeans or the “post-weekend surge” when things start to go out of hand and start taking responsibility!

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