70 Yr Old Housewife Broke Down After Being Wrongly Told She’s Covid Positive

A 70 year old housewife broke down after being wrongly told that she was Covid positive. Early this month, she received a SMS saying that she tested positive even though she did not undergo any test or experience symptoms.

A clinic then contacted her to ask about her condition but did not elaborate or provide answers. Her son also emailed the relevant authorities for help.

After some time, the poor housewife received a call telling her that she has to pack her belongings and be sent for quarantine. She felt healthy but she was so confused and terrified she cried.

Turns out, it was the clinic that made a mistake. It got mixed up with another patient who had the same name, which led to all the chaos and mental stress for the elderly housewife.

Things are already messy enough. What kind of blunder is that and how are they going to make up to her?

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