3 Weeks Of COVID Restrictions & Our Cases Are Still High, What is MTF doing?!

When our cases first reached the thousands this year, the MTF decided to implement new restrictions from Sep 27 to Oct 24 “to reduce the strain on healthcare capacity”. Group sizes for social gatherings and dining in were cut from five to two.

It’s already been about 3 weeks, but just yesterday (Oct 27) there were still 3058 cases in Singapore. This number might even be underestimated, as they are not revealing any unlinked cases and people who are asymptomatic won’t bother getting tested.

The MTF has been such a contradiction! They want this to be an “endemic”, PM Lee still say that we should continue living as per normal and not in fear. Yet here they are asking us to stop social activities and stay home.

Some more, as netters rightfully pointed out, we are under such tight restrictions but in two days we can fly to countries hosting sporting events with 50,000 people. People from those countries can also fly in.

The MTF keeps saying that we have done well, why does it not feel that way? And what is going to happen on 24 October?

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