Useless MTF Needs China Embassy To Step In To Help Workers In Westlite Dormitory

Workers at the Westlite Jalan Tukang dorm have been voicing their frustrations over the past week. They said that they were not given proper access to medical support, and were not properly isolated. About a quarter of the 2,000 workers staying in the dorm have reportedly tested positive for Covid-19.

On Wednesday, the dormitory residents gathered to confront the dormitory’s management. Armoured riot police were later called in.

This prompted a response from Beijing’s embassy, who told the South China Morning Post it viewed the episode with “great importance”. They sent medical supplies such as masks and disinfectant wipes to the dormitory, and mentioned that the workers’ emotions were now “stable”.

“The embassy has contacted and communicated with the relevant Singapore authorities and they are working hard to resolve the workers’ demands…

We will continue to track developments, maintain communication with the Singapore side, and protect the health and safety of our workers.”

– Spokeswoman for the Chinese Embassy

Another big failure on the part of our MTF! Last year we already saw how they failed to control the dormitory outbreaks, and they make the same mistake again!

Some more now they even need China’s embassy to step in to help! Xiasuay!

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