Hawker Went For ART, Received SMS That He’s Both Negative And Positive!

This hawker was told to go for a govt sanctioned ART covid test observed by govt staffers. Waited 20mins for results and was given an all clear negative.. and left. Just 3 mins later, the results mysteriously roti prata n turned positive. The hawker has no symptoms except some confusion and mistrust.

The person then went for a private PCR test and return negative and informed their hawker assn chairperson hoping for an appeal for that SHN sentence. But no, the govt sanctioned ART result over rules the doctor tested PCR.

Hawker had to forgo 4 days of what little business they have to get by.

I hope this ART flip flop isn’t the reason why we have so many cases despite the high vaxxed status n safe practices here.

Credit to Kf Seetoh

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