Man Allegedly Broke 2 Teeth After Biting Into Glass Shard In McDonald’s Burger

Hi editor,

Last week, I had a big mac meal from Mcdonald’s @Metropolis. While I was munching on the burger, I felt a crunching sound followed by a sharp pain in my back tooth. I realised I bit a hard glass shard! I bled profusely.

I ended up breaking 2 of my teeth! I did what a normal person in pain would do, that was to stop the bleeding and wait for it to heal. I was struggling so much from the pain I didn’t have the presence of mind to actually take a photo! I was so angry I threw away the leftover food with the glass shard, which was covered in my blood.

The evidence I have now is the payment made from my credit card and a blur photo of my 2 teeth.

I have filed a complaint to them but they have yet to respond to me. How can a glass shard end up in a burger!

Right now, I can only use my right side to bite and chew my food very slowly. It has caused long delays for me to finish my meals. And my mouth still hurts after that! Mcdonald’s are you going to do something or what?

V Angry,


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