154 Media Starts Hashtag to Help Frontliners, Doctor Says It’s Totally Useless

154th Shitty Times is asking people to support healthcare workers by holding a sign with the hashtag #STcovidheroes. They started this Instagram campaign to pay tribute to medical staff battling Covid. But does it help them at all?

Of course not! A junior doctor has stepped forward to talk about how useless their idea is. What they need now are good policies and better systems, not social media posts. Posting hashtags and pictures to ST will not help our overworked frontliners!

“After over a year of Covid sacrifice, and years of being underpaid and overworked, thoughts and prayers don’t cut it anymore.

I can’t eat thoughts and prayers, I can’t use thoughts and prayers to spend time with my loved ones, I can’t use thoughts and prayers to reduce the stress and toll working in healthcare makes on my health.

I don’t need #STCOVIDHEROES I need better policies, I need better hospital administrators, I need attitude change in the general public about healthcare workers.”

The last thing they need is a useless campaign by 154th media.

If Singaporeans want to help, we can get vaccinated and not call the hospital if there’s no emergency. Treat our medical staff with good attitude – don’t shout at them if things are slow. Everyone is under a lot of stress and by doing that, we can already be of help to them. Unlike the useless MSM!

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