Netizen: QO at AMK ITE Environment Is Very Terrible!

Hi, I would like to complaint about a quarantine order on AMK ITE.

My brother was taken over there for QO . The environment is very terrible, terrible & terrible. We have been calling MOH to complain about it and we really feel hopeless that Singapore government does not help at all. 

I hope somebody will really help us and those being quarantine there can speedy recovery and get out from there . 
The environment is very bad food is not enough. 9pm still Not yet serve dinner. 

I have call the hotline they not even allow order grab good or food panda to deliver over there and yet they have not enough food for patient.

Today 07/10/2021 6pm-Long q out there waiting for food. But no food serve. Everyone have standing there Q up till late just to have dinner.

9pm then distribute 1 pack of so call fried rice.

Is this acceptable? 

I called this Hotline and ask how come my brother NEVER do PCR but received result via Health Hub today? The person answer the call very rude and irresponsible to push away saying that can not disclose due to P&C.

This is really not acceptable at all. The result came from airspace or they health staff already mix up other people result outcome and anyhow key into system? So the person who never do PCR will forever receive POSITIVE result and forever staying there.

Is this treatment fair to accept? Our family member was there to suffer this arrangement by our government?

This is very hilarious and terrible.

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