Experts: Everything is Fine If We Have Less Than 6000 Cases, No Need for Lockdown

A number of experts told the mainstream media that Singapore will be fine as long as we have less than 6000 cases everyday. How is having 6000 people fall sick ok?!

The so-called experts noted that the virus reproduction has slowed down. However, the number of cases will still increase and they cannot predict when it will peak – it could be at 5000 cases or even go up to 10,000 cases. They are uncertain “what the epidemic curve will look like in the next few weeks.”

The thing is, Singaporeans don’t care about a curve or a graph. We are worried when we see more than 3000 cases. We are worried when we see how badly the Multi-Ministerial Task Force and MOH handle the situation. We are worried when we see hospitals getting overwhelmed and resorting to makeshift tents.

Naturally, we don’t want our families and friends to get infected. But the MTF doesn’t understand that. They just come along with some experts and tell us that it’s ok even if we have 6000 cases, nevermind if they are our families and friends!

They also said that there is no need for a lockdown because other countries with equally high vaccination rates didn’t have one. At the end of the day, they just want to open our country, but at what cost? Is it ok even if it costs us several deaths a day? If they think it’s ok, they are totally sick in the head!

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