Left Over Rusty Nail And Wooden Plank From Construction Injures Passerby

On 4 October, a Facebook netter was walking past Blk 589 at Woodlands Ave 1 when his feet accidentally landed on the grass area where a small piece of wood with a rusty nail was hidden. The nail punctured his sports shoe and hurt his foot, causing him to lose balance, almost falling onto the road.

According to his Facebook post, the contractor had just completed the footpath upgrading works in that area, but they did not clean up properly.

Unfortunately at that time, there were no passersby in the area and the netter had to rest on the floor before he could make his way to the doctor on a limp.

On the same day, the netter contacted LTA to make a complaint.

“The CS that answered my call ask me who, how, where and when then told me that an officer with private number will contact for further assistance.”

However, 24 hours passed and no one contacted the netter. He didn’t even receive any calls from a “private number”. As usual, inefficient and doesn’t care about Singaporeans!

Also, why is it that the construction site never discard things properly? Why were there no supervisors making sure that there are no construction leftovers?

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