Netizen: Last night I witnessed a pervert take an up-skirt pic/vid

In a Reddit thread, netter u/cabincrewish shared that while he was out with his wife, he witnessed another man try to take an upskirt picture of a lady in front of him.

It was about 12am, and the netter and his wife just left McDonald’s and was waiting for the green man to cross the street. They were walking behind a “tall lady with a really short skirt”, she was walking alone until a pervert walked up behind her.

“She was the only one in front of everyone, then this guy went behind her and positioned his phone to his knees, screen facing his knees. When they were crossing the street he kept pace behind her for the whole length of the crossing. When he picked up his phone, I happened to glimpse that the camera was open. And immediately I knew. I told my wife about it.”

When the netter told his wife about it, she pulled him back from confronting the man. Now he feels like he should have done something more.

“It’s my first time to witness such an act, and I really wanted to let the guy know that I saw him do it. I feel that I should’ve done more or something and it’s been bugging me. So here I am writing on reddit.”

Netters were quick to point out that the wife’s behavior was disappointing, and that the netter should have done something even then.

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