Drunkards Vomits In Taxi And Then Scolds Vulgarities When Asked To Pay

A taxi driver posted on Facebook claiming that two passengers vomited and refused to pay. The taxi driver claimed that they are Airforce regulars, judging from the t-shirts they are wearing.

The netizen said:

“A airforce regular fare evader. Wonder militant in Singapore of such conduct.
Pick up 23 Sep 0338hrs at ECP cpD3 to Yishun st71. Upon turning into st 71. The curly hair vomitting. When asking will they pay for cleaning, both drunkard acting blur asking why.
I explained need to clean and cost min $30 + time lost. So demand for $30 + fare. Then they keep delay talking rubbish and vulgairites. So I guess no money to pay and called police.
Police cant help saying due 3rd party app”

The taxi driver shared photos of the two men vomiting all over the taxi. If they are really from the Airforce, the Airforce must take disciplinary actions against them! Even if they are not from the Airforce, justice must be served!

The poor Taxi uncle need to clean up his taxi and deal with their insults, this is unacceptable!

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