Man Asks Carouseller To Help Hide His Purchase From His Wife By Labelling It As A Lucky Draw Prize

On Wednesday, electronics store Endless Passion shared about a customer who wanted them to disguise his purchase as a lucky draw prize via a Facebook post.

According to them, the customer tried to win the gaming mouse through a giveaway on their Facebook page. When he didn’t win, he decided to purchase the mouse. However, the customer asked the store to label the purchase as a lucky draw prize as he was afraid that his wife would not approve.

Unfortunately, the store had other plans in mind. As per the buyer’s request, the store included a label that congratulated him. However, there was also a disclaimer that reads, “Hope you do not get scolding from your [picture of lao po bing/wife’s biscuit]”.

The buyer left an update after receiving his purchase. You can read it here:

Fyi – this is also the same store that previously helped a customer disguise his gaming mouse as textbooks.

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