Rich Executives Reap Benefits of Covid-19 Grant While the Rest of Us Suck Thumb!

Thanks to the government’s Covid-19 grant, people with high positions at construction company Lian Beng Group received more remuneration this year. These key executives are already highly-paid but are somehow still getting more even though their net profit was lower this year!

We are in the middle of a pandemic. Why is the Covid-19 grant going to these privileged people and NOT those who really need it?

There’s something wrong with what the government is doing if it does not help Singaporeans and worst still, pays more to people who are already taking home high salaries. Why is it that some of us who earn much less cannot get the grant? How is it fair that the rich can benefit from this whereas ordinary people can’t?

Furthermore, it’s disgusting that Lian Beng pays its executives more but continue to transport migrant workers in lorries when they are the ones doing all the hard work!

The government has not only failed to manage the situation, it also failed Singaporeans by letting the rich get richer in a time when we need their help most. Shame on them and shame on the executives from Lian Beng Group. At this rate, how can our country ever recover?

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