MMTF Shifts Goal Post to 5000 Cases Now That We Are Nearing 2000 Cases

At the latest conference with the MMTF, Ong Ye Kung says that Singapore will start ramping up plans to be ready to handle 5,000 daily new COVID-19 cases. He also adds that we will hit 3,200 new cases in eight days’ time.

Can we really manage 5000 daily cases? At this time, even with 2000 cases our hospitals are getting crowded. Tan Tock Seng Hospital had to move their screening to their carpark. The QO/SHN/Home Recovery system is also getting so jammed up that Singaporeans had to step up on behalf of MOH to create their own support group on Telegram to help each other.

Obviously, MOH and the MMTF are not doing their job well, now they still want to say that they are going to ramp up plans to allow for 5000 daily cases.

They are obviously not sure about what they are doing. As you can see from the chart on top, made by a Reddit user, they had to keep shifting our dine in limits in response to the cases.

This constant shifting up and down has already impacted our F&B businesses. It is not easy to suddenly have to cater to less people and then suddenly have to cater to more. They have to change their supply of ingredients, and those who cannot keep up will have to let ingredients go to waste.

MOH and the MMTF must do their job properly! Implement so many new systems now their own system is confused. At the start come up with DORSCON system, call restrictions “Circuit Breaker”, what’s the point of all these? Now CB don’t know what phase already, still create things like “CB heightened alert”, now Singaporeans immune to these names already, they don’t mean much liao.

They say they want it to be an endemic, now realize our healthcare system cannot cope so we’re back to dine-in restrictions. MMTF and the MOH need to wake up their idea and get their shit together!

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