Experts: Gov ‘Extremely Intelligent’ in Handling Covid-19, We Just Have to Get Used to It

The Covid-19 situation does not look good as cases skyrocket to more than 1000 cases everyday. Our elite Multi-Ministry Task Force is not taking action while MOH is struggling to reach infected patients. Many home recovery patients are lost as MOH did not tell them what to do. In fact, the ministry is so overwhelmed that they told people to stop calling them.

Even though everything is so messy, the 154th mainstream media has the cheek to say that our current Covid-19 policies are effective. According to “experts”, there are more cases than expected but we can still handle the surge.

A Professor even praised the government for managing Covid-19 in an “extremely intelligent” way!

The experts, whoever they are, cannot predict how bad the surge will be but emphasised that we should not resort to a lockdown again as it will not make Covid-19 go away. They said that the virus is “just something we are going to have to get used to” and encouraged everyone to get vaccinated.

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