MTF Keeps Making Mistakes, Yet They Try To Act Like They Are In Control

Remember the days where we had single digit cases, and on some days we even had no cases? Now, we have exceeded 1000 community cases, what is the Multi-ministry Taskforce (MTF) doing?!

Yes, they kept saying that we are trying to work towards an endemic, but the speed at which we are opening up is a bit too fast. Our cases have been hovering around the 1000 mark for the past week. You want to open up but did you check if our hospitals can take it?

Our Quarantine Order/Health Risk Warning/Health Risk Alert system has also become such a mess! You tell people they test COVID positive say you will give them further instructions but you never. Other people you say will send to hotel wait for more information but they wait for a few days you still never contact.

Now you add the Home Recovery people it is a even bigger mess. The Quarantine Order support telegram group already got more than 5000 group members, and members inside are sharing about how they are confused with the procedures.

Yes, maybe an endemic makes sense in future, but we are not ready for it now!

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