Netizen In Buddhist Cult (Yiguandao) Shares That They Want To Leave

According to the Singapore Buddhist Federation, Yiguandao is an “evil cult” and they warn Buddhists against becoming a member of the group. In a story shared onto Reddit, netizen u/getstruckbylightning writes that they were “forced” to join Yiguandao at a young age because of their parents.

“I was “forced” to join at a young age because my parents are inside also. My family even open a temple in our hdb when i was in primary school. My parents give me a lot of pressure to take over the temple (i am only child). They say its very very bad to close the temple. But i dont want to take over. (No choice but stay until im 35?)”
– u/getstruckbylightning

According to the author, members of the cult are expected to become vegetarian and to bring in more members to “learn the secrets”. Their teachings also places an emphasis on how “older people are always correct and younger people have to listen to them”.

However, the author wants to quit the group because they are not religious.

“I can understand why some people maybe choose to stay just for the social circle. Basically people are nice, its a bit secretive but feels like a normal religion. But im not religious and i want to leave.”

In an endnote, the author also shares that the religion does not accept people to slaughter animals or those who are physically disabled. “So if you want them to leave you alone say you are butcher or partially blind or something.”

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