Hawkers Still Suffering From Covid-19 Rules. Gov Don’t Care About Their Livelihoods!

The government keep telling us to live with Covid-19 as it becomes endemic. Then why can’t MOH/NEA allow groups of 5 vaccinated diners to eat at hawker centres?

Many hawkers, especially in the CBD, are suffering a plunge in earnings because many vaccinated workers in the area cannot eat as a group. For weeks, my 4 vaccinated colleagues can’t eat at hawker centres and we end up eating together in air-conditioned food courts. Because of this, hawkers are the ones who suffer the most.

The government claimed that they want to free hawkers from the burden of having to check diners. But doing this over a long-term is placing financial burden on them. I do not think it is fair for MOH/NEA to take the easy way out by banning groups of diners from hawker centres.

MOH/NEA should allow more people to eat there but take on the responsibility of checking diners themselves. They can employ Safe Distancing Ambassadors to carry out spot-checks. Those who are not fully vaccinated can be fined on the spot, making it an effective deterrent for people to comply. Only then can we put a stop to the suffering business of hawkers.

If there is not enough SDA, MTF/NEA can also employ jobless Singaporeans. It is a win-win situation for vaccinated diners, hawkers and unemployed citizens. Instead of having separate rules, we should move forward together especially in this endemic climate. I hope MOH/NEA will consider alternatives to improve our lives and not make it any worse.

Contributed by Benny

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