Fake Singapore Vaccination Certs Most Expensive In The Black Market

Each fake vaccination certificate from Singapore costs about S$400, the most expensive among 28 countries according to Check Point’s research.

Here are the cost of fake vaccination certificates according to Check Point.

  1. Australia: US$80
  2. India: US$75
  3. Indonesia: US$80-100 
  4. Singapore: US$295
  5. Thailand: US$80 
  6. Austria: US$176
  7. Brazil: US$80 
  8. United Emirates: US$200
  9. Portugal: US$176
  10. Canada: US$120 
  11. Cyprus: US$176
  12. Finland: US$176
  13. France: US$176
  14. Greece: US$176
  15. Italy: US$176
  16. Ireland: US$176
  17. Latvia: US$176-235
  18. Lithuania: US$176
  19. Malta: US$176
  20. Netherlands: US$176
  21. Poland: US$176
  22. Romania: US$176
  23. Spain: US$176
  24. Sweden: US$176
  25. Switzerland: US$176
  26. United Kingdom: US$118-176
  27. Ukraine: US$176
  28. US: US$150-200

The research also shared that the fake Singaporean vaccine passports for sale were counterfeits of originals obtained by hackers.

The services of these fake vaccination cert providers are also publicized in various Telegram channels.

The government must be alert about this, especially since we are opening our country up to vaccinated individuals!

They must not repeat the mistake of accepting more unethical people who buys fake certificates into the country.

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