Angry Parents Slam Enrichment Centre For Targeting Students With Clowns

An enrichment centre is under fire for getting clowns to approach students outside primary schools. Speech Academy Asia said that it was part of marketing their public-speaking courses and that it had no malicious intention. It has since apologised.

However, parents are not appeased and flooded social media with their unhappiness. They lashed out at the academy for using such a distasteful way to approach children. In fact, there were rumours that a clown had asked a student to follow him. That’s even more dangerous!

Furthermore, it’s a bad idea to have clowns standing outside primary schools. Many children, and even adults, have a phobia of clowns. As an enrichment centre, it should have known that it’s not funny at all.

Many parents are already stressed out, having to worry about their children’s health amidst the rising number of Covid-19 cases. The last thing they need is to worry even more about clowns targeting their children. Moreover, the clown that was photographed did not bother to wear a mask!

Speech Academy Asia has been totally inappropriate, unprofessional and did not exercise regard for children’s health and safety. An apology is not enough! The police must get down to this and stop irresponsible people from using dangerous tactics on our young.

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