The Government Has Already Lost Control Of COVID!

Dear editors,

Just yesterday, Singapore reported 910 daily COVID cases. This is a big increase from just 2 weeks ago where we were wavering around 200 cases. Moreover, a lot of these cases must be unlinked!

Last time they reported unlinked cases was on 7 Sep (328 cases, 185 unlinked). They don’t even want to reveal how many linked and unlinked cases now, saying that they will no longer keep track of that, but it must be more than 185!

The government kept saying that they want to go into endemic. They use this as the reason to get as many Singaporeans vaccinated as possible. In reality, they have lost control of the whole situation.

They didn’t expect the numbers to increase so quickly, and so in their usual knee jerk response, they decided to ask everyone to work from home if you can, and to restrict workplace interactions. But, you can still socialize.

How does this make sense? Isn’t it safer if they restrict everything totally if they’re scared? If not, can they don’t do this kind of half-hearted rules and just let it be an endemic as they previously said it would be?

Can they first make up their own minds before trying to lead Singaporeans? They make things so complicated!

<A.S.S. Contributor>

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