AMDK Seen Wakeboarding At Civilian War Memorial Is A New Singapore Citizen

24-year-old Stephan Kovalkov was seen in a viral video wakeboarding at the Civilian War Memorial in July. The memorial is dedicated to civilian victims of the Japanese Occupation during World War II. He faces a charge for defacing, damaging or interfering with a national monument under the Preservation of Monuments Act.

Turns out, this man is a Singaporean. He is the CEO of a startup called “Solateks” which was established October last year. According to his LinkedIn, he started his education in Singapore in 2012 at Temasek Polytechnic. He didn’t give further details on his profile about where he came from, but Kovalkov is a Russian name.

How did such a man get his citizenship when he has no respect for history OR the families of the war victims? Is it just because he is rich that’s why he can just become a citizen even if he doesn’t know how to show any respect to Singapore?

Our government must be more stringent about who they accept as Singapore Citizens! They shouldn’t be taking in people just because they have money!

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