Rogue Online Seller Of Unverified Slimming Products Lures Netizens To “Invest” In Her Business

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

1) We write to inform you about a rogue online seller named Joelle Lim, with Facebook handler “Le’envie SG x Joelle” and Instagram handler “leenviesgxjoelle”, who has been selling unverified slimming products on the internet for the past months.

2) The websites which Joelle Lim uses to sell her products are as listed below: (currently defunct after being exposed by netizens for her false advertisements)

3) Joelle Lim has even posted her business telephone number “+65 6906 6596”.

4) But Joelle Lim has not registered her online slimming products business with ACRA.

5) We have attached the screen shots of some of her advertisements found online and her past transactions.

6) Through her advertisement, Joelle Lim had attempted to lure unsuspecting netizens to pay her $200+ to “invest” in her Leenviesg business, making an unsubstantiated claim about earning 100% profit margin. This is a misrepresentation per se.

7) All in all, a few unverified claims have been made in her Facebook advertisements and this is not the legally proper way to conduct an online business.

8) We hope that Singaporeans will be aware of some common unscrupulous sale tactics which unregistered online sellers love to pull.

Olivia Irina 
<A.S.S. Contributor>

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