PAP Stops House Visits, Save Their Own Ass But Tell Us to Live With Covid-19

PAP has been telling us to live with Covid-19 despite concerns about the rise in cases recently. However, its own MPs were quick to suspend house visits as Singapore reported a whopping 457 cases yesterday. Some MPs even stopped their Meet-the-People sessions.

They kept assuring us that cases are expected to rise, that it is “the new normal”, and we must learn to live with Covid-19 as it becomes endemic. But they are the fastest to run away and abandon us at the first sign of trouble.

Why are they so scared if they are all vaccinated? Aren’t they the ones who said that it is safe to carry on with our daily lives even with hundreds of cases everyday? Singaporeans continue to take public transport and go to work everyday. So why can’t our MPs continue with their house visits? Didn’t they say that we have to live with Covid-19?

Why do we have to live with it and pay the price when the elites get to save their own asses?

If they are worried, they can always put in place extra precautions or go for swab tests, but it should not stop them from doing their jobs. They are paid to do it and they must jolly well live with it. Stop telling Singaporeans to live with it when you don’t have the balls to do it yourself!

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