Uncle in ICU After Falling Onboard A Bus, SBS Doesn’t Reach Out To His Family

On 8 September 2021 at about 12:50pm, Siah Hwan Ling received a call from Tan Tock Seng Hospital informing her that her dad has been admitted because of a head injury. They did not provide more information, and Siah was made to go on a hunt to find out why her dad fell.

“1.50pm: We were told that he has bleeding in the brain. His rib cage has fractured and he has many stitches on his right eyebrow. I tried to also call dialysis centre to find out if he has fell down in dialysis Center, they said no. He was still very independent and still wave goodbye to the nurses and the patients when he was leaving.”
– Siah Hwan Ling

Only 5 hours later did a traffic police call to inform Siah that her dad fell on a bus when the bus had to e-brake for a car that changed lane without signaling. According to her facebook post, the traffic police mentioned it was along North Bridge Road, but they did not have other information. They also told her that SBS will be calling her.

Unfortunately, because SBS did not call her, Siah decided to post online to ask for any eye-witness. On the same day at 11pm, she also went down to Geylang Lorong 1 Terminal to see if she could get anymore information, suspecting that her dad was taking bus 175 on his home from the dialysis centre. That was where she managed to get a number for the duty manager at Clementi interchange who confirmed that an accident involving a 60+ year old man happened on Bus 175 (bus plate number SBS6242E).

“At 11.30pm, SBS customer service then called and spoke to me after I have left the feedback in SBS page and have also put up the post to seek for the witness to find out more. She also didn’t know that we have actually went down to the bus terminal to seek for more information. When we asked for the details of the accident, she said she don’t know. Then what is the purpose of the call? The question is, why such serious accident has happened in the bus, they did not even give us a call and inform us about the details. It sent us running around looking for information. When the accident happen, we didn’t even know my dad has fell in a bus until all these information pieced up by myself that was given from the eye-witnesses before SBS reach out to me.”

How come SBS did not call his family immediately after the accident? Why did Siah need to go on a hunt to find out how the accident happen before they call her? Why is it that she needed to find eyewitnesses online herself (who gave her additional information such as that they saw medic treating her dad near Bugis Cube.

According to updates on Siah’s Facebook post, her dad is in a critical condition, with a brain bleed and a fractured rib that punctured his lung. How come SBS still no sound? So irresponsible! They should be accountable for this, and at least find out how they can help the family!

Hope the uncle gets better soon!

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