Expert: We Must Stop Counting All Cases for Covid-19 to be Endemic

A few medical experts in Singapore agreed with Health Minister Ong Ye Kung’s decision to stop reporting the number of linked and unlinked cases. Ong recently announced that MOH will revamp its report to exclude these numbers. He said that unlinked cases are not “relevant” and authorities are not going to chase down every case.

Many Singaporeans, including Ho Ching, openly disagreed with his point. They believe that the numbers are still relevant and can help gauge the extent of the situation. It’s an important piece of information that all of us want to know and it’s not right for them to hide it.

Infectious disease expert Mr Lim defended OYK’s decision by saying that the number of unlinked cases will not tell us if there are going to be more future infections. He thinks that this data collection is a waste of resources and it is “not worthwhile” to chase every last case.

Another expert, Mr Fisher, also agreed that the Multi-Ministry Task Force is taking the “appropriate step”. He suggested for them to eventually stop reporting the number of cases entirely as part of living with Covid-19. He said that the number of unlinked cases is no longer a good indicator and people should stop inflating the meaning of it.

To quote Mr Lim: “Just because the public is interested doesn’t mean it is in the public interest.

Do you agree?

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