SBS Installs New CCTV To Catch People Who Never Wear Mask

Yesterday, SBS Transit announced on their Facebook page that they have installed a new surveillance technology at 5 MRT stations (Chinatown, Outram, Dhoby Ghaut, Serangoon, Little India). The technology can catch those who never wear mask.

Do they expect that mask wearing is here to stay? If not, how long will they be using this technology for? Why are they wasting money on such a technology that will only be here in the short run? They already keep increasing our transport fare, is it to fund this kind of ideas?

If they think this technology will be here to stay, is this another step towards a surveillance state? Use the pandemic to make us bring around a tracking device not enough, now want to install camera.

We cannot stand for such an irresponsible use of our taxpayers’ money and our MRT/Bus fare!

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