Calvin Cheng: If You Need Gov to Tell You What to Do, Don’t Live Here. Lock Yourself Away

Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng is back to mock us again. In one of his recent posts, he chided Singaporeans for not taking responsibility for our own health. He said that we should stop complaining about the government’s inaction and start imposing restrictions by ourselves.

“The new world requires everyone to adjust our own behaviour WITHOUT governments telling us what to do…

If you see cases going up, go out less! Do you need the government to announce a lockdown or tighten measures? Lock yourself down if you see cases going up, especially if you are vulnerable or live with vulnerable people.

Have you delegated all thinking to authorities, such that you need lockdowns and penalties to regulate your own behaviour?”

As if that’s not enough, he added:

“If you need a government to tell you what to do, to restrict your movement, then honestly you don’t deserve to live in a civilised society.

Go live in a cave. Be a hermit. Do everyone a favour, stop complaining and lock yourself away.”

What’s the point of having a government/Multi-Ministry Task Force if we don’t need it to tell us anything? Stop making excuses for their incompetency!

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