Netizens Comment on Aftermath of Incense Burning: “Littering is fine as long as you declare it as your religion”

The past month was also the Lunar calendar’s 7th month. This means that incense burning practices were ongoing. Although incense burning bins are provided for such purposes, some Singaporeans continue to burn outside of the bins, causing a mess that had to be cleaned up by our unsung heroes.

There are a number of posts on Reddit that showed the aftermath of irresponsible burning.

In response, netters questioned why those who litter in such instances aren’t punished by the law. Others quipped that those who make such a mess have no sense of self awareness.

According to one netter, apparently in Singapore, “Littering is fine as long as you declare it as your religion”. So much for saying that they have a secular government and a secular group of law enforcers when religion is obviously above the law.

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