Ong Ye Kung: We’re Not Chasing Down Every Case. Unlinked Numbers Not As Relevant Now

There are now many Covid-19 cases everyday. Although the Delta variant is more transmissible, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung thinks it is not sustainable to continue with tight restrictions such as border closures and circuit breakers. He said that this is all part of living with Covid-19 and transiting into a Covid-resilient nation.

With the high vaccination rate of more than 80%, he thinks it is time to revamp MOH’s daily report on Covid-19:

“The report must reflect salient issues that we are facing in this new phase of the battle. For example, the vaccination rate is high and is plateauing, so there is very little need for us to present a detailed report with all the graphs everyday. Perhaps when there’s booster (shots) we can start monitoring that but there’s no need to go into so much details now that we have achieved a higher vaccination rate… as we are not chasing down every single case, which means unlinked numbers are not as relevant as before.”

MOH has already stopped reporting the places visited by infected people, but now they are not even “chasing down every single case”. What does this mean for Singaporeans? Does being endemic mean that the MTF can ignore all these details and not answer to us? We want to know what’s going on so that we can better protect ourselves. Is this wrong? Is it the best the government can do to transit us into a Covid-resilient nation?

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