CECA People Start Petition Asking For Entry Approval Into Singapore

Just this weekend on 4 Sep 2021, a new petition was created on change.org asking that the Singapore government grants entry approval for Indians working in Singapore. In the petition, they complain that they are stuck in Singapore, cannot go back to India to visit their families because once they go back they are afraid cannot come back in.

“At this crucial time, we understand the challenges in opening the borders which will impact our residents to an extent. But we Indians working for Singapore in Singapore, stranded here without seeing our parents and families back in our country.”
– Sarangapani Varadharajan

According to change.org, the petition is started by Sarangapani Varadharajan who is based in Dindigul, India. In her petition, she also adds that if we relax the border measures that “This will help to boost our community to even more dedicated to Singapore.”

They are so self-entitled. The reason we are having such a huge number of cases recently is because of the Delta variant in the first place, and that came from India. We already let them come in still not enough, they still want even more privileges, want to have more relaxed border measures.

Some more, since when were they dedicated to Singapore? They come here to earn our money, take our jobs, and then bring their whole village here. They even apply for citizenship so they can be considered “locals” and hire more from their country. They have never been dedicated to Singapore, they are just dedicated to the money here and they couldn’t do better when they were in India.

Many of the comments on the petition also keep bringing up the fact that they are “contributing so much to the economy”. Please lah, many other countries are contributing to the economy also. This has nothing to do with that. COVID is COVID, your country is high risk means it’s high risk.

You want to go back, just go back. If you don’t like how we do things here, go back. You made the choice to come here, nobody forced you, so stop the self-entitled whining! Our government must stop letting them behave like they are the first class citizens here, they aren’t even citizens to begin with.

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