We Now Have More Unlinked Than Linked Covid-19 Cases But Where Is The MTF?

Yesterday, there were 113 unlinked Covid-19 cases among 187 locally transmitted ones. The number of unlinked cases has now surpassed those that are linked. This means that we are seeing more than 100 cases everyday and we have no idea how they got infected and where the virus may have already spread.

The Ministry of Health has stopped reporting where infected cases went because they think that we don’t need to know. The Multi-Ministry Task Force is also keeping quiet despite the rise in number of cases. Of course Singaporeans would feel uneasy!

We were told to get vaccinated as higher vaccination rates means achieving herd immunity. After we got vaccinated, they told us that Covid-19 is endemic and that we are ready to open up to other countries. But at the same time, there are so many cases and unlinked infections everyday. Is it still wise to do so?

Many people are uneasy. The Task Force continues to keep quiet even though the spread has gone out of control. They have failed to address our concerns and give us answers. Does “endemic” mean that we don’t need to tighten restrictions anymore? Is it normal to have more than 100 unlinked daily infections? What’s stopping them from bringing back tighter measures? Or are they keeping quiet so that we can reopen our country to more foreigners?

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