Netizen: Singaporeans Are Angry With CECA Because It Is Unfair, Nothing To Do With Race or Nationality.

In last week’s National Day Rally, our PM Lee faulted the anti-CECA movement for having a “strong racial undertone”. This is another proof that our leaders are more than out of touch with what is going on in the ground. We were never angry at the race or the nation involved in the CECA. What we are unhappy about is how unfair the agreement is.

One netter took to Facebook to share exactly this. In his Facebook post, Joseph Nathan suggests that Singaporeans are generally not against FTAs because we know that these can benefit us economically. Neither are we against any nationality as we know that Foreign workers and FDIs “remain critical to our economic prosperity, as long as they do not upset our socio-economic balance, infrastructure and public healthcare.”

“But when it comes to CECA, signed between India and Singapore in 2005, Singaporeans remained enraged by the stupidity and gullibility of those involved in drafting and negotiating this agreement that is so detrimental to our Singapore Workforce.”
– Joseph Nathan

He rightfully adds out that we have witnessed entire villages from India migrating to Singapore, planting their roots into our economic success and inevitably driving up our public housing cost and overloading our infrastructure, public healthcare & socio-economic balance.

In the National Day Rally, PM Lee says that these FDIs “will create many good jobs for Singaporeans”. However, we have also seen many of these employees from India becoming PR/SC and starting families here. They have become Singaporeans, and these “good jobs” still go to them, under the guise of being for Singaporeans.

The agreement is unfair in many ways. As Joseph Nathan points out, India has a much larger population that Singapore. Many of them are also seeking employment overseas.

“As India has a population of 1.366 billion or 234 times more than Singapore, this means that the provision for Intra Corporate Transfer already has a systemic bias that favours the Indian, to the delight of their politicians who are hard-pressed in creating employment of for their growing middle class.”

Our government is being out of touch with the ground when they dismiss all efforts to voice our opinion to them as “racist”. What we are unsatisfied with is the unfair terms of CECA.

“It does not take any ingenuity from any Indian entrepreneur to incorporate a start-up in Singapore just to facilitate the transfer of eight to nine executives or professionals from India under agreement. By incorporating more entities, either directly or indirectly, the same entrepreneur could marshal hundredths or even thousandths of Indian from India into Singapore under CECA and our weak regulatory framework on foreign workers.

CECA and our weak regulatory framework on foreign manpower are manifestations of a more troubling issue – we have become too tolerant of the incompetency of the 4G PAP politicians for far too long. This is the root cause to many of the problems and hardships faced by our Singaporean Workforce.”

The government must revoke CECA, and they need to think about Singaporeans more!

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