Ong Ye Kung Said Public Transport Is ‘Very Safe’. What Does He Have to Say Now?

A few months ago when Ong Ye Kung was Transport Minister, he said that public transport can be “very safe” as there are precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

A few months later in Aug 2021, 120 bus drivers across 7 interchanges are infected even though most of them are already vaccinated. Infectious diseases expert Prof Paul Tambyah said that this is a cause for concern as the mode of transmission remains unknown. What is Ong Ye Kung, who is now the Health Minister, going to say about this?

The multi-Ministry task force previously told Singaporeans not to worry about getting Covid-19 from public transport as the contact is “transient”. If this is true, how did bus drivers in as many as 7 interchanges get infected? Are safe management measures like deep cleaning of the premises going to make much difference?

We have been seeing a rise in number of daily cases, many of whom are vaccinated. While it is part of transitioning into an “endemic” phase, the MTF has been rather quiet about the growing number of clusters. Does being “endemic” or achieving herd immunity mean that we don’t need additional restrictions to prevent the virus from spreading? How is this considered “under control”? What exactly is the government doing?

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