AGC Protects Liar Who Accused Innocent Doctor Of Molestation; Issues Gag Order On Doctor Instead

Earlier this month, Dr Yeo Sow Nam, who was wrongfully accused of molestation had his charges withdrawn after the complainant admits to lying in court. The woman previously accused him of hugging her, squeezing her waist, gripping her breasts and kissing her head, but turns out it is all a lie.

In response, Dr Yeo’s lawyers Mr Eugene Thuraisingam, Chooi Jing Yen and Johannes Hadi, originally wanted the woman to be named and the gag order on her identity to be lifted. However, the AGC subsequently decided to put the lawyers on a gag order.

Dr Yeo had to endure 4 years of ordeal before the truth came to light. They were so quick to name and shame him, yet AGC refuses to release information on the complainant who lied and made this doctor suffer?! When the complainant finally agreed that she was knowingly giving false evidence to the court, she reportedly even “laughed” in court as if mocking Dr Yeo and his wife!

In a Facebook post, Mr Thuraisingam also talks about the unprofessional ways in which the AGC misrepresented the case to the media, without even giving the lawyers time to respond. They said that he “abused the court’s process by taking the court through the complainant’s lies but yet withdrew Dr Yeo’s application to lift the gag order on the complainant’s identity.”

Who is the girl who lied? What connections does she have that leads the AGC to protect her like this? This doctor had to go through so much shaming and had to put his career on hold for this lie that even she laughed at. Just who is the AGC working for if they are not protecting the innocent but instead choose to protect the guilty?

“Despite the distinction and professionalism with which I have served the community as a doctor, I have had to endure the distress and ignominy of being publicly accused of sex crimes I did not commit, I am glad that truth has prevailed today.”
– Dr Yeo Seo Nam

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