Netizen: It Is Embarrassing That Our PM Denies There Is Chinese Privilege in Singapore

After the National Day Rally on Sunday, Tiktok user Navya Singh (@with_navya) uploaded a video expressing her dissatisfaction with PM Lee’s statement about how there is no Chinese privilege in Singapore.

“You know, a lot of people have denied chinese privilege in Singapore, but for our own Prime Minister to deny it, it is a new low.”
– Navya Singh

Navya points out that the minorities have repeatedly talk about ways that they have been discriminated against, and calls out the PM for saying that the only difficulties they face is in renting a flat and finding a job.

“Also like these are huge things. I need a place to sleep and I kinda need to earn money to eat. How can you treat these as being like ‘oh it’s just two things’.”

This is not new, our men in white in their ivory towers have always been out of touch with the ground. They assume that everybody just want attention on social media when all social media does is shine light on such issues on the ground!

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