National Day Rally 2021: Nurses Can Finally Wear Tudung! What Took Them So Long?

The biggest news announced at last night’s National Day Rally was that nurses will be allowed to wear a tudung with their uniforms, starting this November. What took them so long to announce this?

Since April this year, they were already saying that they will look into this. Did they really need 4 months to decide? And we still have to wait another 2 months for the rule to be in place? Halimah Yaacob wear the hijab since day one of being president, she met with so many dignitaries and it was never an issue. Why do we need to wait till 1st November?

The Tudung should not have been disallowed in the first place. Why do we need a prime minister to manage such an issue and why did he have to announce it during a national day rally?

Also, remember when Masagos and Maliki Osman scolded our Workers’ Party MP Faisal Manap earlier in February during the budget debate when the latter asked to allow Muslim nurses to don the tudung as part of their uniform? Still say Faisal Manap was being divisive. Now they take his idea and flip prata on their decision.

Is it because last year GE not enough votes now they want to try to appeal to the Malay community? How about people from other public sectors?

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