Calvin Cheng: Singaporeans Are Immature, Want Higher Wages But Don’t Want to Pay

At yesterday’s National Day Rally, Lee Hsien Loong talked about improving the salaries of low-wage workers and helping businesses. He promised that they will have better pay within the next 2 years.

He said that the government will extend a helping hand but Singaporeans must also share the cost of supporting businesses.

“Pay a little bit more for some of our favourite things, like bubble tea or bak chor mee… to help the shop cover higher cleaning and waste collection costs.”

Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng speculated that Singaporeans will not want to pay as we are selfish and immature:

He also said: “If you want to profit off low-wage workers, don’t pretend to have a bleeding heart.”

What do you think? How much does he earn and who is he to tell us about cost of living?

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